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About Us


A Brief background of Clement Curated Antiques

Clement Curated Antiques is the joint effort of Yannick and Véronique Guideau and brothers John and William Patier.


The key word is authentic. Each antique piece that we bring to the table results from a long chain of work, and dedication. Starting with Yannick, who is a carpenter at heart. He began at the age of fifteen by working in a carpenter's workshop and learning the craft of constructing and restoring antiques. Very quickly he discovered a passion, and talent, for finding great antique pieces left uncared for, and restoring them back to their full potential. His thirty years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship have made him renowned in the Anjou region. There is indeed great merit in taking valuable historical pieces, namely antiques, and giving them a second life by which we can come to appreciate them once more. There are few professionals who know this craft and even fewer that do it with such expertise as Yannick.


The process thus starts with a love for antiques and history. Yannick's first talent is at “              ” for new items and furniture, meaning antiquing. Yannick has acquired a sharp sense of finding unique treasures and uncovering forgotten antiques. Sometimes traveling far and wide throughout France in order to find that authentic piece. Yannick then takes these pieces back to his St Clement workshop where he has three highly trained carpenters working with him. This next step is the most impressive and admirable part of the antiques journey. Yannick and his team then work their magic on each piece: cleaning, repairing, sanding, bleaching, painting, protecting, polishing, and the list goes on. Each piece undergoes a special treatment in order to truly bring out its purest original character. Their craft is based on a deep respect and appreciation for the historical value of antiques and this really shows in the final rendition. 


Finally, we then select the finest and most elegant pieces and prepare them for exportation. This phase also demands care and attention in order to protect the furniture during the transportation phase. For this part, brothers John and William work together to insure that the process goes safely and smoothly. As Franco-Americans, John and William have a direct local contact with Yannick and his team as well as on-site US availability. This position is highly favorable for this context: no language or cultural barriers, just a passion for antiques and restoration. As such, what we bring to customers is the result of a complex but beautiful journey of curating antiques.

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