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Where Everything Started: Meet Artisan Yannick Guideau

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

In the charming village of Saint-Clement-De-La-Place, nestled in the heart of the Loire Valley, there lives a talented French ébéniste named Yannick Guideau. Yannick is renowned throughout the region for his skill in working with wood, particularly in the art of restoring.

Yannick's passion for woodwork began when he was a teenager. He was fascinated by the intricate details and exquisite carvings of French antiques, and decided to pursue a career in woodworking. He studied under some of the most skilled artisans in the region, spending years perfecting his craft and learning the intricate techniques necessary to restore centuries-old furniture to its former glory.

Eventually, Yannick opened his own workshop in Saint-Clement-De-La-Place, where he specialized in French antiques such as commodes, armoires, enfilades, tables, chairs, and more. His workshop is filled with an array of stunning pieces, each one carefully restored to its original condition.

However, Yannick's talents don't stop at restoration. He is also a master at creating new pieces with antiques, using his vast collection of vintage wood and hardware to craft unique and beautiful furniture. He often incorporates antique wood and hardware into his new pieces, giving them a sense of history and character that is unmatched by anything that could be bought new.

Yannick is also known for his ability to give antiques a fresh look by painting and patinating them. He uses a variety of techniques to create a range of finishes, from distressed and rustic to sleek and modern.

Despite his impressive skills and reputation, Yannick remains humble and passionate about his work. He takes great pride in preserving the rich history and tradition of French woodworking, and is always eager to share his knowledge with others. If you ever find yourself in Saint-Clement-De-La-Place, be sure to stop by Yannick's workshop to admire his beautiful creations and learn from a true master of the craft.

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