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A spectacular French Early 20th Century Original Pleyel Baby Grand Piano in astonishing condition. The Pleyel pianos are a legendary reference and many celebrity composers such as Chopin, Debussy, and Ravel chose Pleyel for its unique and rich sound. This baby grand Piano is truly an elegant piece with beautifully restored walnut wood veneer, delicate yet sturdy legs, and altogether very balanced proportions. The soundboard is in its ideal original condition, offering an authentic Pleyel sound. The hammers, strings, and tuning pins are also in their original yet functional condition, and the cast iron plate is shaped with wonderful floral ornamentations. The keys are made of highly refined ivory which gives the piano that authentic and distinguished feel. Thanks to the serial number found on the piano and the archives of the Musee de la Musique, this piano’s precise origin can be traced. Accordingly,  it was built in 1922. Pleyel pianos are indeed known for their engaging accuracy and sensitivity, granting any piano player the ability to play a wide range of repertoires.  All in all, not only is this piano aesthetically stunning but it also possesses that unique Pleyel “French sound” with its exceptional timbre and tone that cannot be found elsewhere. It is a rare piece in excellent condition and original quality that is sure to please musicians and antique lovers alike. 

20th Century Pleyel Model 3Bis Baby Grand Piano

SKU: 077
Excluding Sales Tax
  • H39.4 W57 D65 Inches

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