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An exquisite French Faience Bust of Madame Recamier, made after the renowned Jean-Antoine Houdon sculptor (see signature on photo). This piece is made of authentic Sèvre faience and refined in the traditional “biscuit” (or bisque) method and dates between 1741-1828. There is a remarkable grace in the arms and hands holding a veil across the chest, and a seizing beauty in the way she gazes downwards. The delicate traits and proportions, the details and sheer craftsmanship, and the overall historical value of this statue all contribute to its authenticity and will sublimate any space it will find itself in. Note that it presents a small burst at the base.

French Faience Bust of Madame Recamier, After Houdon

SKU: 098
Excluding Sales Tax
  • H:21 Inches

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