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What We Do

We curate and import high-end French antiques to the United States.  These antiques from the 17th to the 20th century have been carefully selected, professionally restored, and safely imported to the US. 


Yannick Guideau patinating a Henri II desk.
Here is one of our cabinet makers working at our workshop.

Where Our Antiques  Come From

Each antique piece results from a long chain of work and dedication. Carefully selected by Yanick and Veronique Guideau, each piece is taken to the St Clement workshop where it is professionally cleaned, restored, or rethought by him and his team in order to breathe a second life into them. 


From France to Texas

From France To Texas

Brothers John and William Patier are dedicated to bringing antiques in perfect condition to your home. For this, we insure that every part of the process goes smoothly. With direct local connection to Yannick and Veronique Guideau as well on-site support in the US, these antiques are cared for from beginning to end. 

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